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AFYTOS CLEAR WATERS Copyright: ILP PRODUCTIONSAphytos is a very beautiful resort, situated in the peninsula of Cassandra in Chalkidiki. It is built on a rock, which dominantly towers over the sea and looks a lot like an island of the Aegean . Its name has been preserved for thousands of years, either as Aphitos which originated from the ancient name "Aphitis" or as its paraphrase "Athitos". The origin of the name comes from either a man named "Aphiteos" or from the ancient word "Aphitis" which means abundance of plants.

However, the most amazing sight of all is the awe-inspiring traditional village of Aphitos with its 28 century-long history. Resisting the unorganized tourist housing development and in order to maintain their cultural inheritance pure, the inhabitants of Athitos have been trying to develop their place through their culture by promoting the natural beauty as well as the traditional village and the ancient history of their place. So, the old houses of porous stone have been renovated, the streets have been paved and the place now imposes its dignified beauty on visitors and on the locals making Athitos an amazing place to visit.

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